Bonus #8 | 2.5-Hour Titanic Survival Story [1912 AD]: All Parts: 1,2,3,4,5,6

Enjoy this 2.5 Hour bonus episode of ALL 6 parts of “Titanic Survival Story.” (yes, even the parts that haven’t been published yet! woot!)

I stitched together all six episodes to give you a single, mega-batch story.  I also removed the music, introductions, announcements, summaries, and any promos, ads, or commercials from those episodes – so you can enjoy this as one, long, seamless story.

Here are the starting times for each part:

  • 0:00:00  Prologue
  • 0:00:55  Part 1: Construction and Departure
  • 0:14:40  Part 2: Voyage and Collision
  • 0:42:15  Part 3: Putting on Lifebelts
  • 1:08:34  Part 4: Lowering the Lifeboats
  • 1:35:03  Part 5: Adrift in the Ice-Cold Sea
  • 2:01:43  Part 6: The Miraculous Rescue

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