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Support the Sleep with Silk Podcasts and receive our Premium Podcasts with extended episodes.

Your support will help to cover the costs of the equipment, hosting service, and efforts that go into creating the Sleep With Silk podcasts.

In return for your kindness, you will receive our Premium Podcasts with extended episodes.  These are 1 Hour and 8 Hour versions of your favorite relaxing tracks, but without the spoken intros – enjoy longer episodes with 100% relaxing audio.

These podcasts will work just like other podcasts – you will be able stream or download the episodes in popular podcast players/apps like Apple Podcasts, Pockets Casts, and Overcast.

For a $5 pledge, you will get access to all of the following:

Sleep with Silk: Nature Sounds – extended version podcasts

  • 1 Hour versions (26 episodes, 1 hour each)
  • 8 Hour versions (26 episodes, 8 hours each)
  • No spoken intros, no music, and no commercials
  • Episodes include: stream over rocks, cat cleaning itself, hiking a gravel trail, birds cawing, rain dripping and birds singing, ocean surf at jetty, small waterfall, birds at seashore, cat purring, trickling stream, ocean surf, hypnotic echoes of water drips, small pond at night, rain on an umbrella, backyard fire pit, Lake Ontario at night, birds in dense trees, stormy day at the beach, starry night with crickets, rain downpour with thunder, wind around house, birds on a windy beach, rushing stream, and howling wind with drizzling rain.

To access these extended episode Premium Podcasts:

More Sleep with Silk Premium Podcasts coming soon:

  • Binaural Beats – extended version podcasts
  • Background Noise – extended version podcasts
  • ASMR Triggers – extended version podcasts
  • Soothing Voices – extended version podcasts

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