Podcast Update & Bonus Episodes

Will I be creating more episodes of Calm History?  Yes! Huzzah!

In this Update Episode, I will answer these questions:

  1. When will a new episode come out?
  2. What changes do I plan to make based on the survey feedback?
  3. What will the next 4 episodes be about?
  4. How often will the next episodes come out?
  5. Will there be bonus episodes?

Spoiler to Question #5, here are the titles of the 3 Bonus Episodes:

  1. Titanic 360: Multi-Perspective [30+ minutes] (hear from many passengers, crew, builders, and investigators)
  2. The Treasure Hunt of William Phips [30+ minutes] (Silver! Gold! Battles! & Romance! – Huzzah!)
  3. History of the Names of Countries [30+ minutes] (some are sensible, some are weird)

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