Announcement: 1 Hour and 8 Hour Background Noises now available

Extended episodes of our Background Noises podcast are now available, as well as, extended episodes of our Nature Sounds podcast…

Get 1 Hour and 8 Hour episodes at or visit

These extended episodes are 1 Hour and 8 Hours of 100% pure relaxing audio – they don’t have any spoken introductions, no introductory music, and no advertisements or commercials.

The extended Background Noises include white noise, brown noise, a floor fan, a ceiling fan, an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, a blow dryer, cars driving slowly on a brick road, an old-time train ride, and other background noises.

The extended Nature Sounds include a trickling stream, ocean waves on a beach, a small waterfall, birds in a forest, birds on a seashore, crickets on a starry night, a cat purring, a pond at night, a crackling fire, light rain on an umbrella, a rainstorm with thunder, and other nature sounds.

If you are interested in these new Premium Podcasts, then you may go here for more details:


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